UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Nadine Hottenrott installation and photography

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deutsch on my arm German hats at kunstvlaai Amsterdam Angela Merkel as crossstitched portrait crocheting swastikas girl in Deutschland T-Shirt in Amsterdam Portrait of boy with tattoo on face Lukas with neck tattoo Work of N.Hottenrott in Cobra Museum deutsch as wallpaper installation at Pitzer Art Gallery in Claremont Hendrik Jan in african suit German Hats swastika bed in Amsterdamamsterdam Mann und Frau, New York Girl with folkloristic collar Boy wearing a moustache Black girl is wearing a white apron daisycutter at W139, basement in Amsterdam girl in front of a rug Inka in my studio in Amsterdam my studio in LA in 2008 Girl is wearing a German hat called Niedersachsen swastika cloth is hanging as a curtain in Pitzer Art Gallery in Los Angeles portrait of a native american in Amsterdam Ryan is waring hand stitched army jacket German flag in Los Angeles Girl wears a red hood selfportrait in Amsterdam boy with facial tattoo bomb curtain Girl with African turban installation at NIMK in Amsterdam Rutger is wearing an African suit